Abandoned blog

photo by Matsatsinis Fragiskos

Since I came back from my vacations and even before , I started to feel fewer and fewer involved on this blog.

An evident slow-down in Fon development and some personal troubles keep my mind away from this space .

So I apologise with my few international readers , but I’m about to take the decision to close down this space.

I will continue to post in the Italian section of this blog as personal gather of tech howtos and thoughts. I will move also this domain , if I can , to my tumble blog at the address fonblog.tumblr.com.

It has been a pleasure to write here and to keep in touch with guys with vision and knowledge as Steven , Eric , Anselmi , Jurgi , Kyros , Freechelmi , Jonakis , Nkieto , Christopher , Freddy , the guys from Francofon (even if we had some discussions in the past ) , Swimgod , Danberte , AustinTX , Mike Puchol and all the others that I might forget.

Thanks for your support. I won’t forget this time we spent together , talking about Fon and his development.

That’s all fellas , see you soon !