Tweaking Qos on la Fonera plus

La Fonera plus has a decent qos on board. Changing it is possible through the user-zone , moving this slide to the bandwidth we want to share.


It’s possible to shrink it to minimum 512Kbs which can be acceptable for most dsl users.

But , if you live in a crowded area , with many foneros connected to your hot spot , and your dsl provider give you a monthly amount of traffic , this could be a problem.

Solution ? To open la fonera plus for a better custom qos.

The file you need to edit is /etc/config/qos . For your convenience , I zipped a sample file to download.

Open it and change this part :

# QoS configuration for OpenWrt
config interface hotspot
option classgroup	"Default"
option enabled		0
option upload    	512
option download		512
option device		tun0

config interface wan
option classgroup  "Default"
option enabled      0
option overhead 	1
option upload       128
option download     1024

Open it with your favourite editor and assign the bandwidth amount desired. Remember , tun0 hotspot is the FON_AP zone , wan is the lan gateway to the internet.Upload the new qos file to la fonera plus .

This should be enough to shape as per your desire the bandwidth to share , but unfortunately , our freefonera hack seems to lack some init scripts.

To make things work you have to go to /etc/rc1.d and create a symlink to rcd script S50qos.

To do this type

ln -sf /etc/rc.d/S50qos S50qos

Reboot la fonera plus and you are now a proud member of Net Neutrality oppositor . You can shape , ban , slow any packet you want.

I gave to pubblic wlan 100 kbs , enough to surf the web and even to make a skype call. Watching video or listening to radio streaming could be a problem , but I think a fonero should be responsible and do not saturate other’s bandwidth.