Fonera plus hack. Finally we did it !

Immagine 2.png

After hard beta testing period , howtos writing , translations , making scripts tweaking and mass email exchange between the team , finally the Fonera Plus hack has been released.

The easy and step by step howto is here !

I just want to thank all the team , who made possible the making of this project , first of all the great Lama Bleu , aka Eric Levine who spent 2 months to build the image for Fonera plus re flashing , without changing anything of original FON configuration .

My fellow Giorgio Zarrelli , who wrote the first version of the English how to , scripted the redboot access procedure and much much more.

A very very special thanks to incredible Steven Leeman of the Belgian FON community and official blogger for Dutch section of

And then the whole Freewlan team who at this moment even without a Fonera plus is working to our Foneras Liberadas remotely to port the version 0.9 of their add-ons ASAP.

So is revealed at least in part the reason of my low activity in the blog of last weeks since all my (really few) free time was devoted to this project. will be in the forthcoming days a hub for everyone who wants to collaborate and join the team to tweak and improve.

That’s all folks . I wish you a merry Fonera plus unlocking