Venice,tourists extra charge also for public transportation


I spent my short vacations in Venice , the city where I was born .

Since I left 20 years ago , I am no longer resident in the city , so I lost all the benefits of being a local. I read last week in the telegraph website , the article of the triple price of merchants in Venice : the charge to apply to locals , the one for tourists and the one for “rude tourist” . I can say that the article has some part of truth , but for example the suggestion to learn some words in venetian dialect to try to get the correct price is useless 🙂

Venice is probably one of the most expensive city in the world and his unique peculiarity could justify those prices. But if you have to rise up prices due to massive expenses for garbage treatment , water transportation and maintenance of the city , the price I think should be the same also for venetian inhabitants.

This is not.

Pubblic transportation is a primary need . People can walk , it’s true , but to move in certain part of the city you are forced to take a boat (you can also swim , but the water isn’t so clean in venetian lagoon )

ACTV is the municipal company who takes care of transportation . I checked the prices of two of the most expensive cities in the world , Tokio and London.

Well the one way ticket fare of London underground is 4.00 pounds , equal to 5.91 euro . If you buy a 1 day pass is 6.60 pounds , equal to 9.76 euro.

Tokio underground have a one day ticket for 600 yen , equal to 3.90 euro. I checked in the websites of Tokio and London underground if it’s possible to have discounts , and found for London tube an electronic ticket called Oystercard , a prepaid pay-as-yo-go card which discount the price of a one way ride of around 60%. Can be subscribed by anyone with a small apply charge of 3.00 pounds.

ACTV prices for non-resident in town:

Single fare 60 minutes : 6.00 euros

12 hours ticket : 13.00 euros

24 hours ticket : 15.00 euros

You see , prices are more expensive than Tokio and London , and as I said above this might be correct , due to the big expenses of making a water metro public transportation. But check out the prices for a resident in town :

Single fare 60 minutes : 1.00 euro

10 tickets of 60 minutes : 9.00 euros.

It’s a discount of 85% for resident. I think that this kind of billing difference is unbearable and without any justification.

And if you want to try to get discounted prices on ACTV boats , even if you learn some words in venetian dialect , won’t be enough , because to prove your resident privilege , you need to show a special ID card called “cartavenezia“.

Development :

Starting from November the 1st 2007 , ACTV will issue an electronic ticketing system called Imob.

Imob will be available for free for venetian residents , and at the cost of 40 euros for the others. On the Imob smart card you will be able to charge single fare ticket , multiple tickets or monthly base subscriptions , which will be read by RFID receivers placed in the boat stations.

With Imob , frequent Venice visitors , will be no longer discriminated as now.