FON strike

I receive a Personal Message trough the english board of Fon from Kyros , fellow fonero from Austria here’s the text :

Hello fellow Fonero,

since 12th June 2007 FON offers 15 minutes of free access to FON hotspots after watching some advertising clip and registering.
This service brings a severe security risk to you as the FON hotspot’s owner.
It is easy to register with faked data and surf using your internet connection as long as you want using these 15 min sessions to do everything you can think of, including possible illegal activities.
You can read more in FON board in this two threads: 1) and 2).
A responsible service provider would had disable such a dangerous service until they find a solution. FON does not – the 15 minutes free access service is still up and running!

With a small group of other Foneros I am trying to force FON to a solution, which:

  • Either to enhance registration security before providing free access (credit card or mobile phone identification).
  • Or disable this risky service.

Unfortunately FON did not react with a solution after more than one week.
So we decided to switch off our FON service to protest and increase pressure toward FON for getting a solution.
I hope you will join our protest – the more we are the faster FON will react.

My personal position about this is that Fon surf by Ads is a great tool to permit instant navigation. The abuse of spoofing wireless card Mac address to obtain more than 15 minutes free is a big flaw which needs to be patched as soon as possible and Fon hopefully is working on it.

So if you want to know my decision , I’m not going to switch off my Fon hot spot.