And here is the Batman

Let’s go higher to a next level of mesh firmware. What Meraki is already doing thanks to roofnet daemon in his openwrt firmware is almost here also for FON.

Once again behind this there’s Antonio Anselmi , with his latest release of ponte2 script which includes the B.A.T.M.A.N. routing daemon.

B.A.T.M.A.N. is a project of for dynamic routing in adhoc mesh networking . A short description from Open-mesh website:

B.A.T.M.A.N (Better approach to mobile ad-hoc networking) is a new approach to Ad-Hoc-Routing unlike other algorithms that we are aware of. Reactive protocols search for routes when a node initiates communication to a remote node. Proactive protocols (e.g. link-state algorithms) calculate routes proactively from all nodes to all other nodes in the mesh-cloud, whether they are necessary or not.

I think that we have to test this new release of ponte2 script as soon as possible and to recreate a working testbed , I thought at the fourth-coming Italia Wave Festival. In the area of this music event is expected a huge attendance of people and to cover the whole area of the park , I think that 15-20 foneras in a batman mesh cloud should be enough.

I will try to arrange this , struggling with my primary occupation. My time is getting short and also I will have to leave on July 4th to China for ten days to arrange next summer 2008 Dema shoe collection.

So if you are a brave wifi enthusiast and technician please join and give an help.