New Fonera 1.5 images

Via Chad’s El fon blog , I found today the picture of the upcoming fonera 1.5.

As previously announced by Martin Varsavsky , the new fonera device , will have an additional ethernet port for the wired lan and 2 antennas , one internal , one external , as usual.

Here the pictures


At a first glance , the size looks bigger , and this fact makes me think that this is due to allow better heat dissipation.


And on the rear panel here’s the additional ethernet port , which will finally permit to attach a switch or a computer to it.

I hope to get new fonera 1.5 soon , so I can review it , independently , as usual.

Edit 31/05/2007 H.14.29 UTC

from the sarcastic comments I noticed that pictures are coming from the french FON blog  . I didn’t mean to steel credit , but french fon blog isn’t in my feedfetcher . AustinTX is in.