A new tool for Bills

In these times I’m concentrating in making FON work easily for public hotspot owners , such as hotel , pubs , restaurants and so on.

If you read this blog , you probably noticed that for those kind of people , running a FON hot spot is a pain in the ass , due to complex Alien authentication. I used to ask to high fon representatives , including CEO Varsavsky , a printed voucher with access credentials to be sold to people willing to use wifi in the public spot.

Since no reply at the present , here’s another idea , and this time I think FON cannot deny as it’s easy and virtually costless.

The idea is to put an additional section on user-zone named Buy Aliens Vouchers. In this page Fonero Bills can buy a pack of 50 or 100 or whatever quantity they want at the price of 1,50 us$/Euros. Once bought , it will appear a purchased page similar to this


For the bill is enough to print this page , or export to CSV to fill a personal database , or a PDF formatted ready to cut voucher to give to customers.

And FON , this time do not try to say it’s hard to implement , as your Fon labs can do this trick in a couple of hours 🙂

Feed-backs (especially from FON ) is highly appreciated.