Quick facts about Fon

Pretty busy period here and not so much time for writing , so here’s a small update on what’s going on in Fon’s world.

  • Censorship and arrogance of moderators on boards.fon.com has become unbearable. Top English board poster Chad aka Austin TX has a proposal of a Fonero Bill of Rights. I will be blog on this very soon.
  • La Fontenna shipping delay.
  • I had an exchange of mail with Fon representatives such as Nicholas Morgan and Robert Lang about Aliens prepaid printed coupons for public fon hotspot. I’m sad , as the answer to my problems was to send me a fontenna for extending the range of la fonera. Sounds funny ugh ?
  • Martin is almost ready to launch a new application named Fonwit , a kind of mash-up of google and skype. No more details are available.