People from Menorca

Last Saturday at Varsavsky’s farm in Menorca a tech talk has been held with participants from the web2.0 bubble . Many guys with vision were there and Loic Le Meur with his camera video-blogged all the talks.

It sounds like a  huge missed opportunity for me or other Italian bloggers not being there . We thought for a while together with Stefano to join this happening , but we dropped due to overwhelming job period (at least for me ).

Anyway I whatched all the video and I want to point out what was the most interesting.

Above all , the speech of Jonas Birgersson , who talked about the project of infrastructure 2.0. It’s about building a next generation network with optical fibre inside each building and redistribution with 802.11n access points with a bandwidth of 540mbs. No more operators to control the contents and the policy of access but a conscious selection made by the users of the services and definitely what to pay for.In few words , an unlimited bandwidth for users , no longer access to the net , but on the net , no any walled garden and a billing system  based on pay per use.


The second is the fatera project. It looks like a joke , but could be a clever idea. It’s about to use wifi bathroom scale in joint with a fonera with daily weight measure and tracking. A bullshit or a great revolution ?