Is FON blocking Google Adsense ?

Via Daniele Salamina‘s blog I learnt yesterday that Fon’s dns servers are filtering Google adsense.

This is is an old debate , which involved all conscious foneros since long time.

Perhaps the fail in resolving  Google adsense servers is due to a malfunction at this time , but the policy adopted by FON is definitely evil.

Infact with fixed name resolution FON can trace your navigation , selectively banning your services , slowing down your name resolution and so on.

So here’s my personal list of todo’s for next firmware patch.

  1. Open the ssh port
  2. allow third part firmware to be flashed into la fonera
  3. wipe out your dns server in resolv.conf , let the dhcp assign one or make the possibility to insert one via web gui (possible even now but only with fixed ip settings)