Alien coupons for on fly connection


After set up the hotel fonero , I start to face some troubles for guests who wants to connect through wireless.

The staff at the front desk and the booklet with instructions aren’t enough to explain to people how to use wireless in the hotel. The main point is , in my opinion , the complex authentication method for Aliens. Think about it. If you want to connect , you have to go to , register yourself , receive a confirmation email (which in some cases you cannot receive due to limited connection prior to captive portal authentication ) buy a pass through paypal or credit card and finally get connected.

It’s too much complicated.

So some time ago I suggested in a comment to Martin’s blog to issue as soon as possible the printed Alien coupons.

With coupons in my case problems are solved , but also as fon network is growing day by day more often an on-fly connection might be required.

Think about this present time in Valencia , where America’s Cup is on. Many people is crowding the street in the port area and some foneras are in the place.

A small booth in the nearby selling Alien passes could be a clever idea and good business.