Renovate your Fon router


Today in my inbox I receive the following email from Fon:

As one of our very first Foneros, we are writing to offer you a free La Fonera WiFi Router to upgrade your Linksys model.

Starting on April 1st, all Foneros need to keep their FON Router online 24 hours a day to exercise fairness amongst all FON members. After 30 days of your FON Router being offline, your free WiFi access privileges will be temporarily put on hold. Early Linksys FON routers do not have the technology to tell us your router is sharing WiFi with the FON Community.

For this reason, with your current Linksys model, you will lose your free WiFi access privileges to all of the FONspots around the world. Your Linksys also does not support our more advanced FON software versions and automatic updates, including important security features. As FON evolves, we want you to evolve with us by offering you a free La Fonera WiFi Router!

Just visit the Fon Shop, enter the Promotion Code below and order your free La Fonera. FON will even pick up the delivery costs and taxes!

Promotion Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you have any questions regarding this offer for a free La Fonera WiFi Router, including questions about set up or registration, please click here.


Thank you!

The FON Team

Fon is starting to exchange to all early foneros the router , giving a free fonera to replace the wrt54gs.

This is a good thing and one of my howto’s for joining together linksys and la fonera become extremely up to date.

So early foneros , take a look at this thread in which I described some time ago how to perfectly integrate la fonera and linksys wrt54g.

One little doubt , is Fon changing also his heartbeat mechanism ?

If so please release the source since maybe some foneros has custom wifi routers which they don’t want to replace ( I’m one of the kind , linux router with wifi card and chillispot! ).