Fonera vulnerable to madwifi bug ?

I learn today via techworld that a serious bug has been discovered on madwifi drivers for Atheros wifi chipsets.

The bug should allow an attacker to run malicious code using a kernel stack-overflow.

It affects the widely used MadWiFi Linux kernel device driver for Atheros-based WiFi chipsets, according to Laurent Butti, a researcher from France Telecom Orange, who found the flaw and released the information in a presentation (PDF) at last month’s Black Hat conference in Amsterdam.

“You may be vulnerable if you do not manually patch your MadWiFi driver,” said Butti. Before making it public, he shared the flaw with the MadWiFi development team, who have released a patch. However, not all Linux distributions have yet built the patch into their code, said Butti

Now the question is , has Fon patched already the madwifi drivers on Fon firmware 0.7.1-r3 ?