The first wifi FON Hotel in Italy


Needed a full working day , with more than 150 meters of ethernet cable , modification to wiring to get some new socket for feeding power to foneras , but finally , starting from yesterday 04 April 2007 we activated the first wifi fon hotel in Italy.

Building FON wifi network @ Montefiore Hotel

To do the job ,we used 5 foneras , the first one at the front desk , the second on first floor , hidden inside a wiring box into the wall , the third at second floor hidden like the other , the fourth in the attic zone , hidden inside a corridor cupboard and last one on roof-top to give outdoor coverage.

Repeater fonera on top of the buildingSan baronto from montefiore rooftop

This last installation (outdoor repeater) has been made just for test purpose , without making it fix , as I’m waiting for Fontenna , to spread better the signal around the neighbourhood.

Well , I’m happy about this . After 3 month from my first thought about FON hotel , I finally succeed.

I wish to thank first of all my friend Cidio for his deep skill in wiring and networking , FON which kindly provided the wifi devices , and Stefano Vitta , Italian FON country manager , who immediately subscribed my project and approved.

To promote Montefiore Hotel , we decided to give 20% discount to all the people who will mention Dema Fon Blog upon reservation (offer restricted on availability and limited until 30 May 2007 ) and offer a free week-end (accommodation only) to all bloggers who will write about us.

Last but not least , all FON staff is invited in Tuscany at the Montefiore Hotel , we will warmly welcome them , with a better organization. 🙂