Is Fon becoming YATC ?

Things are changing in Fon . And are changing fast.
The price increment of la fonera , the retail program for resellers and now the metro project are signs that Fon wants to become nothing more than YATC (yet another telecom company)

At the beginning Fon was attractive for the social part of the project ; sharing wifi is a wonderful idea , but maybe , after the trial period Fon realized that an user generated network is pure utopia , and now they try to change policy.

In a post in castellano , Martin in his blog announce an agreement with Clearchannel , a Spanish jumbo wall advertisement company , and iBand a Norge wireless broadband company to build a metro fon network in Oslo – Norway.

The architecture of the metro wifi network of Fon should be based in 500 hotspots , mounted inside the advertisement panels and linked to the internet via a sort of WIMAX signal provided by iBurst , the iBurst 802.20 technology (thanks to Patrick for his remark).

This is not exactly like the city wifi project of Blanquefort as Martin claims , for some dark sides of the project.

Who will manage this network ? Will be Fon by himself , Clearchannel , or iBurst iBand ?

It will be a joint venture of the 3 companies ? Or will be a owner-less node which the revenues of bills will be donated to a no-profit foundation ( this should sound like honey in my ears but i’m afraid it won’t be like that )?

Blanquefort has been the first Ciudad Fonera in the world but with an user generated net.

Fon Oslo project sounds not quite the same.