Fonera 2.0 wishlist

We all know that next generation Fonera is on the way. Infact , Accton has already built the device and Mike Puchol reported in his blog.


Considering that Fon has bended almost definitely to Telco and retail policy , giving up to social movement , the next Fonera device , has not to be just a mere access point , but a true commercial router.

The actual Fonera raised up retail price to Eur. 39.95 plus shipping and handling , which is only a 15-20 euro less than a better performance and industry quality standard Linksys wireless router. So now somebody can ask why to spend so much money to get the Linus benefit or to get money becoming Bill.

Making a short calculation , for the price of 40 euro , I can connect as Alien to Fon hotspots for around 13 days , and as I’m not a frequent traveller , I will certainly go to be Alien rather than Linus . If I want to become Bill , I shall need to place la Fonera in a very crowded area to have a revenue for my investment.

And so this price increment , will badly affect the spread of Fon , keeping apart all the Fonero promises , the FGF program and the Starbucks nearby promotion.

A way out is still possible anyway. The next Fonera 2.0 should be technological attractive to geeks and average users. I drop down a short list of what I would love to find in the new device

  • hardware
  1. Built in POE adapter , for placing la fonera in a better coverage position without many wires
  2. USB modem capabilities . In Italy unfortunately , USB dsl modems are widely spread , and are the standard in residential broadband connections.
  3. Modular design . Why not to split la fonera in two modular devices ? One device with 4 port Ethernet switch , one WAN port , usb connector and POE embedded which take care of file sharing , firewall , routing and so on , and for the wireless use the traditional Fonera Hot Spot. The fist module if well designed can cost up to 45 euro and has no wifi sharing option. Adding another 5 euro , you can get la fonera and have the perfect bundle.
  • software
  1. Client dyndns . If I want my file sharing program to be reached from everywhere , I need to connect via browser with a domain name even if I have dynamic ip at home
  2. File sharing client/server. There are tons of this kind of software aroud . I suggest MLdonkey. I’m not a mass downloader , but when I use P2P programs , I use that
  3. Asterisk . Even if Fon is wrapped to his investor Skype , could be interesting to have an Asterisk daemon for making VOIP calls.
  4. Backup Software. Attaching a large usb HD to next fonera , could be good for backing up our documents. A small script for transparent backup of our files could be a plus
  5. Mesh network capability. Should I mention ? Fon needs definitely this function for Foneros who wants to build a complex WIFI network to reach as many people as possible

If you have some other suggestions , you can drop a comment , as usual I will read them all !