Roaming the world with a handheld , FON and asterisk

Today , I’m going to test the operability of an handheld device with windows mobile 5 , a sip softphone client , a FON hotspot and an asterisk VOIP account.
I made this test with an HP ipaq rx-1950 wifi enabled and an hotspot fon wrt54g.
Software we shall need on Ipaq :
1) auth client
2)sjlabs sip softphone
Software we should need at home
1)an host with asterisk freepbx
Let’s concentrate on the ipaq software.
Devicescape isn’t really needed for authentication to the fon hotspots , but is a very comfortable tool . Going to and signing up for an account , will allow to download a software for your mobile device , which will launched at the startup , and will try to authenticate to various wifi providers , included FON.
Once setup the devicescape , we will need to pickup a SIP softphone. I found the SJLabs softphone for windows mobile , the most stable and best clarity voice one.
Now you have two options: or to register with a sip provider , which will look quite the same of using skype , or to register to your own asterisk server.
To setup your asterisk server , there are various options , including embedded devices , such as the Fritz fon box or the linksys sipura spa9000 , or a spare computer on your home network in which you can install the trixbox software.
Trixbox is a package of software , which combine a linux system (centOS) and an asterisk PBX software. The aim of this distribution , is to build a complete asterisk freepbx in less than 15 minutes. And my experience is that trixbox does perfectly the task.
It’s enough to boot the Trixbox iso in one spare computer , and in 20 minutes , you are up and running.
I chose for my IP telephony a mixed scenario . My outbound calls are routed through Voipdiscount , which offers free land-line calls to many destinations in the world. For the inbound call , I choose Skypho , which gave me many geographic numbers of different districts in Italy.
The result is that , when I find a FON hotspot , I can call my office , simply dialing the extension number , and call mostly worldwide free of charge , and get phone calls from my home number.
Interesting isn’t it ?