Twitter madness

Perhaps some of you have noticed in the sidebar of this blog the rss feed of twitter messages , and is wondering what’s all about.
Twitter is a web 2.0 application that permit to gather instant messages , cell phone SMS and web messages together. Registering with twitter and giving a cell phone number and IM account (aim – gtalk – jabber – .mac – live journal supported) you can start messaging through the web interface , with your favourite IM client or with your cellphone.
The porpuse of this , is a kind of colloborative instant blogging , with the aim to tell to your community of friends what are you doing in that exact moment.
I found it very interesting and I signed up for an account this week.
You can check my messages any time here.
If you want to start twittering , you can add me anytime you want. Your shout-out will be add to the sidebar of dema fon blog.
More infos here