One possible answer to “Vaporware”

Recently , in a post written by Mike and reprised by Austin , we discussed of FON , elected as worst project 2.0 of the 2006 by the readers of El Catalejo , an online magazine of the world famous spanish newspaper El mundo.

I put some criticism in the past over FON , but my position has always been a kind of love and hate. Well , now it’s time for love . I want to focus on what has been done in Blanquefort , France.

With the sponsorship of the municipality of the town , the whole village has wireless coverage through FON. This is a good example of what FON can do with the right partners. Some time ago , I asked through this blog and through the forum a supply of foneras at discounted price to cover my small village. I realized that was not interesting for fon , as no reply was given , so I let it go.

A special wish for the new year is that fon will allow more and more Blanqueforts , around the globe.