The SMC Phone Hype

We all know , Fon is making mistakes in his business model. I don’t want to focus this anymore , since some earlier post has focused about all the flaws of FON.
What I want to point out this time is the Skype bundle of SMC wifi phone plus la Fonera.
In the advertisement page , the bundled device makes you wonder that you can carry out your SMC wifi phone and use it without problems in any fonero node.
This is huge hype.
The SMC phone cannot authenticate himself into a captive portal such as FON , neither to any known commercial service. Though it can use encrypted wlan such as the my_place of la fonera , this product do not accomplish to his mission or to what one expect it to do.
A solution to this lack could be a very interesting new service appeared recently. is a new project which aim to bring easy authentication to various wifi service providers for browserless devices.
The devices currently supported are any windows mobile 5.0 , nokia 770 internet tablet and linksys WIP300 wireless-G IP phone.
Unfortunately , the skype SMC wifi phone is not supported , so the problems for this device still remain.
So the conclusion is , why you should spend 159,99 US$ for a cordless which can work only at your home , when you can do the same with half price , combining a 5.8 ghz cordless and a pap2 adapter for SIP Voip or ,if you are a skype lover ,an usb to pstn adapter ?