FON wake up !!

I do not post in the english board anymore , but I read quickly every post via feedreader . It looks to me that FON hasn’t repaired any of the problems emerged during this yearly beta test. A lot has been done , building a proprietary device and releasing a customized openwrt for it. But the old problems still remain. Poor customer service , problems in router delivery and no dialog with the Fon advanced users and enthusiasts.
Well around there’s a huge competition ,and FON seems to relax and not to react as expected.
Meraki net , in mountain view , just a few step from google , i guess , has reached the beta 5 phase for their wireless mesh router project.
Since is not an open beta , but reserverd only to the early adopters , I didn’t check it out .
The meraki consist in a package of software , hardware and management wireless network , with a special attitude to wireless mesh.
So FON , it is expected you to raise up and start to innovate , code and change your behaviour. Take a look at the wiki pages of meraki. All the stuff described is very easy to implement right now in La Fonera. Your installed nodes are your power , now it’s time to move a step forward. And mesh is one of the keyword you should take care.

Thanks to AustinTX who inspired me for this post.