Barcamp Turin

This saturday I will be in Turin for the barcamp.
There will be a lot of people from italian blogosphere , not only tech related bloggers , but also lifestyle , politics , fun , readings and culture writers.
I signed myself for a talk about bbpress , for the integration of a bulletin board into a blog , but up to now , I haven’t prepare anything , due to my main work load (it’s time for me to pass the final orders for next summer season and to fine tune all the stuff related ) . Today I will try to keep up a demo site with bbpress in order to make a short presentation tomorrow.
Regarding la fonera , I have to say that I fried mine 5 days ago. After getting the shell access , I added a new ipkg repository of packages for openwrt compiled for mips. My goal was to install asterisk on la fonera and to make a demo of the potential of a free software voip against proprietary model of skype.
Unfortunately , I didn’t succeed , and after the reboot , I lost all the access , wlan and lan.
I will go to serial console to try to fix it , but I’m too lazy to build the max232 converter and not willing to buy one.
I will ask some friends if they can lend me one converter fo try to fix my little white box.