A ssh access to la fonera without phisical hack.

I received a comment in this blog by Stefan Tomanek today. He claim that wiht some perl script , without the famous serial cable hack , it would be possible to gain the root shell over la fonera , and from there , execute , obviously , any arbitrary code on it.
The link Stefen provide , is still .htaccess password protected , as probably not yet finished.
Well if this is true , I’m a little proud , that this blog has been selected to spread this news over the blogosphere.
I’m expecting some other hacks in the forthcoming days , after the source code has been released.
Furthermore , another thing is happening on la fonera , and this seems to be hardware related. Both in the spanish and english board , many people are complaining about an instable wireless link. It seems that it’s hardware related , mostly due to overheat at the cpu.
Infact , as soon as I received la fonera , i realized that the heat of the device was considerable , and also Andrea Beggi, in a podcast with Giorgio Zarrelli , suggested to turn la fonera upside down to allow a better heat dissipation.

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