cold acceptance of FON at Linux Day in Prato

Last saturday 28 October 2006 , I’ve been to Prato at the linux day 2006.
I sent a mail to them one week in advance , asking if they were interested in a talk about FON movement , but they never answered.
So I took “la Fonera” with me , my macbook with some slides that I made by myself and went there , to see if one hole in the schedule , could permit me to talk.
I listened to a speech about open source software ( the same of the previous year ) held by Alex De Maria , and after that , i went to the installation room to talk with somebody from the organisation. I explained that I sent a mail to them and after some queries among them , a guy told me , ” yep I’ve seen it , but it was too late to talk today” . I said , Ok , but what do you think about FON? The guy told me that he wanted to become fonero , but , he’s not travelling , and going around in town , he can find dozens of open wifi  , so why to become fonero.
The result of the day , was to explain to a couple of guys that went there to install linux , what FON wifi is meant to be. They appreciated .
When in the conference room started the talk about “howto install ubuntu” , I flew away , blaming myself to have waken up so early in the morning to go there.