Free as in beer (in Germany – Austria and maybe Korea)


Free softwares refer not to price but to freedom, so think of free speech, not free beer.

This quote , maybe is not so pertinent , but the article has suggested me this hint.

In a post in his Blog , Martin Varsavsky announced that starting from today 19 Oct. 2006 , all the people living in Germany and Austria , can request la Fonera for free.
It says also that this decision is because German and Austrian people have earned the trust of FOn. In fact those two countries , has the highest rate of delivered/activated router in the planet.
This makes sense , in some ways , but perhaps it has to be related to the old Linksys. I read many articles on the net , claiming how to get the wrt54 for just 5 dollars and trick Fon and perhaps many people acted in this way.
But now , la Fonera is a FON proprietary device , it has been enginered not to change the firmware (even though via serial console you can ), it’s controlled remotly and directly by Fon. So why not to give for free to everybody?
By the way I noticed that la fonera by default use the DNS server of FON.Leaving the technical fact that their DNS is much slower than the one of my ISP , this is a bad thing , as FON can trace all our requests and can eventually redirect your traffic to other direction , or can sell to advertise companies our behaviour , or can ban some urls.
Technically speaking , if la fonera acquire the ip address via DHCP by default , why not let the DHCP release the DNS server ?
There’s of course way to change this , is enough to go to administration gui panel and change the network settings from DHCP to static ip and put the dns server of your choice.