Kill Mother


Yesterday Mike Puchol , aka Mother , has been threatened of death , by Gerhard Mosbach , in the blog
You remember well the article of Mike about the real penetration of FON routers , in which with a query to the he calculated that only a few percentage of routers were active , and all the debate that flamed thereafter , with also a post of Martin about Mike.
Well , it seems that yesterday Gerhard posted in his blog , an article about Mike and his war against fon , and he selected a picture of “Mother” with a gun pointed towards him.
This was truly pure madness. Mr Gerhard suffer of severe mental disease.
And the worst is that after investigations made by Mike , we know that Mosbach has contacts with Robert Lang , chief EBD for Europe of FON.
So FON , community , isolate this crazy man , and above all , after the apologies of Martin in the Mike’s blog , we are expecting at least some words from FON german community , especially from Robert Lang.
The link to the Mike’s post is here.