Martin’s charla @ ETRE Barcelona

Today , Martin is in Barcelona , and he posted two videos , one in english about FON (canonical description of the movement or business , call it as you like) and onother about the FON Liberator project , in spanish.

I found the spanish video about FON liberator , much more interesting . As you probably already know , FON liberator is a project made of hardware and software parts. The hardware part is a modified Fonera , with an usb port , in order to attach an hard disk for storage . The software part is a modified version of Open WRT with samba , bittorrent client , ed2k and other tools typical of file sharing , to transform the fonera in a small sharing box.

As I spoke some time ago , there’s nothing so revolutionary , just the ambition to make everithing simple , with a small portable device.

The video , shows the web gui to manage la “fonera liberata”.

If you can understand spanish , the link to the post of martin is here.