User zone administration needed

In a post in the english board of fon , in which I described how to integrate la fonera with existing linksys router , I argued about the user zone , that will populate with 2 router active . After I received the new fonera , and activated it , in my user zone appear also the new hotspot . The icon is different from the linksys one , perhaps FON’s servers make a mac address check, but the point is that the user zone shows two routers , and suppose that I shut down the older one , I should be able to deselect or cancel the older one.
Since the fonera has been launched , every fonero with a linksys router , can purchase the new router for 5 $ or euro , I suppose FON prefer that his users adopt the fonera to have more control on the network .
In the screenshot , you find my user zone .


There are 5 routers shown , but only 3 are active.
You are asking yourself why I have 5 routers , and the answer is that it’s possible to register as many routers as you want , you can also become fonero linus without any router , but I won’t tell you how (the more expert buddies knows already how to do it ) .
The point is that with the introduction of fonera , in the user zone , a control to delete the unused router , must be added.
So FON staff , please try to implement this function as soon as possible , foneros will be grateful.