Is Martin learning the chinese way ?

Turbolence from the far East.

Here in Italy the storm has begun when our prime minister was in China . Telecom Italia , oppresed by 40 Billions euros debt , will be divided into 3 companies , the only good branch , the mobile phone , will be sold to cover the debt , the local loop , will be absorbed by the state ( and this is why out prime minister is in the cross fire of opposition parties ) and the rest (the media company) will be sold to Rupert Murdock’s Newscorp. The CEO of Telecom Italia , mr Tronchetti-Provera  resigned yesterday , and the new  CEO of the company is Mr. Guido Rossi , the same man who has been called to guide the Italian Soccer League after the well known scandal of this summer.

In FON the storm might begin when the CEO Martin Varsawsky is in China . Today i read from the blog of Mike Puchol , that he tried to post a reply in the Martin’s blog , two days ago . The post was a critic to scarce attention that FON pays to their users , not listening to them , not repliyng to them . Nothing new , all we know this .

But surprise , something happened. Martin , did not approve the comment , and magicaly , a post of the spanish board of FON , which was mentioned by Mike , disappeared .

Well , it looks like Martin is in China not only to check the Fonera production , but also to learn the fine art of censorship , in which the Chinese are unbeated masters.