New FON maps show the real coverage of the network

FON florence - Italy map

Here we are . The new maps system is online . I don’t want to discuss about the problems of an heavy interface that sucks 500 mb of ram and huge CPU cycles. For sure , it needs heavy cleanup in the code.
I want to focus this post on the real coverage of FON.
I browsed in italy and in th USA and found that the hotspots up and running (green cloud) are less than 10% of the registered foneros.
Some examples : Bologna – Italy 79 foneros 11 hot spots active.Florence – italy 52 foneros 6 hot spot active. Lamporecchio – Italy 1 fonero 2 hotspot active 🙂 (my home town!!!)
So what is the meaning of all this stuff. Only one simple thing : FON idea of building a network mantained and managed directly by users , needs at least some tweaking.
The reasons of this , could be an unsufficent goodnes of the firmware , which is too much diffcult to setup , and lead the users to give up to open the hot spot , or maybe the users are just taking  the opportunity to get a good router at a cheaper price.
So my suggestion for FON managers , is to recall all the people who doesn’t switched-on their router , and ask them to pay the balance for the wrt54G . If you cannot reach anymore the users , you need to whipe them up from the map.
And please stop that “mentiroso” counter on your home page