The Fonera silence.

It was the 31st of august when from this pages , even earlier than official news , I annouced the arrival of first Fonera devices at FON headquarter in Spain.
Twelve day passed by and no any news about this.
This silence , makes me wonder that maybe there are some problems . I can imagine that the guys at FON headquarter , are hardly testing the device , putting it at work , and , please don’t call me malicious , perhaps some problem emerged.
I would be extremely pleased if FON decide to give to power users ( not difficult to find them , it’s only a matter of browsing ) the Fonera to beta test. With a little help of your geek , nerd , sick enthusiast friends , you can catch all the bugs and try to clean them faster than testing by you overwhelmed staff.
As usual , from this pages , I try to light up a sparkle fo fire up the discussion , and every comment , as usual , is highly appreciated.