The quiet revolution of a normal DSL user.


Hi guys , I’m an average computer user . In my home , I have a dsl line with a dsl modem and a computer running windows XP attached to it. I have also a laptop , with wireless lan , I use it at school.
I heard about FON on the net and I want to try it.
(after few days)
WOW the new fonera device arrive today. Well let’s check the instructions . Plug the power , use the patch ethernet cable and connect it to your existing router ……. I don’t have a router , well I will plug it to the modem.Connect wirelessly to the fonera and register your hot spot with FON.

HEY wait a minute , and where am I supposed to plug my pc , there’s no empty holes left .

This I’m afraid could be the scenario of thausands of users.

My question is : Why you didn’t put the ethernet 4 switch port or at least one ethernet port for the LAN ??
This device , will force the new foneros to use only wireless lan , because even if they decide to buy a dsl router for their domestic LAN , they won’t be protected from the WLAN side.

This is for me a great lack of functionality , and a limitation of freedom of Foneros . After all , the dsl line is owned and payed by private foneros , not by FON.

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