FON customer care made by the members of the community ?


I’ve joined FON in june this year , and I think I made a lot for the movement.
I wrote several howto post in the english board , I set up a wiki in italian

I transformed my hotspot into a FON compatible hotspot , I helped at least 20 italian foneros to setup their router , phisicaly, in the forum PM or through IM. Last saturday night I also received a phone call to my mobile (diverted from skype)
I’m not claiming anything , but I think FON should look around better to find the right partnership for them.
In one of the latest entries in his blog , Martin said FON in Italy reached agreement with elitel (an internet provider) and enrolled an advertisement consultant agency to spread FON.
My opinion is , not enough for the 5th country in the world !!!
The true lack of FON is at present a decent customer service , and we could start from here , with the envolvment of the FON enthusiast people who , with a decent incoming , could do the job better than a centralized customer care.

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