Real penetration of FON in the Italian market

Yesterday I was coming back home from my short summer vacation.
I was on the train to Florence and passing by Bologna , I opened up the kismet on my macbook , scanning the urban area from the train passing by.
Well the result impressed me . In 10 minutes of scan , I found 81 wifi hotspots , 38 of them wasn’t encrypted.
I was also surprised not to find a FON hospot. According to FON maps , the Bologna area has got a good number of Foneros but in this 10 minutes scan , I didn’t found them.
Another point that is worring me is the effective goodnes of the FON maps. Infact , I made only two tries to localize a FON hotspot from the maps and none of them succeed.
At this purpouse , I mention the story of one friend of mine , who has bought the social router and immediately after placed the order in FON e-commerce , the maps showed him like hot-spot. More , without my help , this friend of mine perhaps wouldn’t ever be able to connect his Social router to the dsl modem , due to the famous PPPoE bug of 0.6.6 firmware and due to the MTU bug of chillispot.
To get him running as Fonero , I spent 3 hours , reflashing the router with dd-wrt , tweaking the performance , increasing the maximun tcp connection , overclocking the cpu , separating the wlan from bridge , installing the heartbeat thinclient script.
What if , I didn’t come to help him ? The router still in its box and the “mentirosa” red flag on the map ?
I guess so.
So FON technicians , please try to adjust the FON maps on the base of real running hotspots and not to put hotspot immediately after the Foneros purchases.