To convert project fido of telecom italia , in a wide city FON network.

base radio station base radio station dectI spent my short summer holidays in Venice Italy , the city were I was born.
Strolling around the town I noticed a lot of installation of small plastic boxes hung up on the ouside walls of houses , with ericsson brand.
This used to be a failed project of our monopolist telecom company Telecom Italia.
This project was named at the early 1997 Fido , it was an attempt to expand the range of DECT cordless outside the domestic walls , with the GAP standard.
The project failed , as I mentioned above , but the 90% of the installations still remains.
As the dect standard , is very similar in range coverage of WIFI , I was wondering how easy could be for telecom italia , to offer wireless internet everywhere in the most important italian cities.
And if telecom italia is not interested anymore in this kind of installations , what if they could lease or sell to some entrepreneur this network?
Think about it . An installation every 300 or 400 meters , with telephone line attached and power line . A waterproof plastic box in which one could place the Social router.
With this kind of enviroment wouldn’t be difficult to build a FON mesh network , managed in every town by a group of Foneros Bill , or managed by FON directly.
Infact the investment to cover a medium size town like Venice , it’s extimated in 3000 hotspots , which means at the wholesale market price of wrt54 about 150.000 us$ , plus the charge for installing , managing and empowering and monitor the network. The revenue of such an investment , could be estimated in no more than 50 users per day , which is 150 us$ per day .
It’s clear that with this scenario is not a big deal , but , if the wifi phones will break up the market , the potential 50 users could duplicate and at that time , the business could become a real big deal.
So Fon managers , this could be an idea , or a big bul**it.
What do you think ?