Some considerations about FON from a german member of movimiento

Today i checked as usual the message board of FON , and found an interesting post from “Mother” a german fonero who announce his renounce to be active part of the movement.

He argued  about the poor development of the FON company , he complains about the wrong policies of development , and above all of customer care.

I agree with mother , but just in small parts .

I think that FON is not ready to become a true internet company , but i have strong faith in the original idea of sharing wifi.

To rearrange the business , FON needs true managment assets , more investments , more people working there and opening branches at least in the most important countries in the world.

There are many peoples ready to be involved in FON , me included ,  and I think that this winter will be the right time to see if the bubble of FON will blow , or become a solid reality.