The FON Liberator project


Directly from his blog , Martin Varsavsky , announces the new project FON Liberator. There is nothing so revolutionary , just the new device named la Fonera , made just for FON (not “fun”) by the Taiwanese company Accton , will have usb port to attach an hard disk.

With the potential of Openwrt firmware , will be put inside the router a webserver , a bittorrent client , a samba server.

In few words , with an external hard disk , the router will become a true linux host , with the chance to install on it almost everything. Not so revolutionary , but the challenge is to make everything work out of the box .

My critics are that the customer service of FON cannot solve simple questions about connection , could you imagine in such a complicate enviroment , how many troubles will face users ? What do you say ? AH customer service served by the users forum boards. True , but it’s strange , after 2 weeks of giving help , you start to feel fewer and fewer involved into the movement . That’s what happened to me.

If you want to read the official announce from Martin Varsavsky , you can read from his blog  

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